BNP flag-bearer of vindictive politics, says Obaidul

Obaidul Quader, general secretary of Awami League, described BNP on Tuesday as the flag-bearer for politics of intolerance or vengeance. He said that people didn't believe BNP would create democracy because the party did politics in undemocratic manners.

"BNP is the bearer for malevolent, intolerant politics." 'The people don't believe anymore that BNP will create democracy in the country by running it on undemocratic tracks,' he stated during a press conference held at the BRTA headquarters here.

Obaidul, who is also road transport minister and bridges minister, stated that AL always speaks about BNP's practice of ill-politics, and that now pro-BNP intellectuals are starting to talk about the party's irregularities.

He said that even though BNP is known for its hollow promises of democracy, a proponent of BNP revealed the party's undemocratic practices within the party and the election process.

He claimed that BNP was jealous of their evil-acts being exposed.

Minister Sheikh Hasina said that the prime minister was tolerating the BNP leaders' hatred with its liberalism.

Obaidul stated that BNP claimed the country was in crisis since the last era.

He stated that people didn't trust BNP due to its evil-politics. "BNP is in frustration because the people don't trust it and are not confident in it," he said. He said that their politics of falsity is responsible for this.

The minister participated in a view-exchange earlier with officials from Bangladesh Road Transport Authority.

Among others, Nur Mohammad Mazumder, chairman of the BRTA was present.

He said that although international flights with different nations were suspended during the Covid-19 crisis it is now possible to resume operations with these countries, which will help reopen manpower exports.

He said that it was essential to issue licenses to foreign applicants in these circumstances.

Minister said that delays or sluggishness when granting licences can cause damage to all achievements of the country, so any delay must be rejected.

Obaidul also provided instructions for the preparation of Bangla licences.


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